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brass wind instrument:

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in music, any instrument whose tone is produced by a vibrating column of air. In the pipe organ the column of air is set into vibration by mechanical means.
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Breath (le souffle) and blowing (souffler, soufflant) feature centrally in brass instrument practice and in musical vocabularies.
The musicians surround the kettles with their trumpets, tubas, saxophones and other brass instruments to play traditional Christmas carols that brighten the day of shoppers while raising thousands of dollars in donations to support the work of the Salvation Army.
The Horn Doctor even makes a mass house call at the university bands' annual "Maintenance Party'' picnic, when more than 130 brass instruments get annual tuneups.
We want to inspire young people who may have never touched a brass instrument before.
Editor of the Society's journal, Carter (music, Wake Forest U.) tells the story of the sliding brass instrument during the Renaissance through pictures and documents rather than continuous narrative.
It is the second time Manon, an A level student at Ysgol Brynrefail, Llanrug has won the brass instrument solo competition at the Urdd Eisteddfod.
The German Embassy recently donated music instruments, including six trumpets, a tuba and a trombone to the Brass Instrument Training Institute (BIT) in Katutura, in order to enhance the capacity of the centre.
The cassette consisted of a recording of a brass instrument followed by the word "iron!", which was repeated every few seconds.
When handed the brass instrument, Sara the Walrus grips it between her flippers and blasts out a note.
Each example is recorded twice, the first track demonstrating the brass instrument playing along with the rhythm section of piano, bass and drums, while the second version only provides the rhythm section so that the brass player can practice along with the song.
A flare-up can be triggered by the mechanical pressure of playing a wind or brass instrument. These lesions can be treated with acyclovir, an antiviral prescription ointment, and a temporary respite from playing-- from several days to a week.