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brass wind instrument:

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in music, any instrument whose tone is produced by a vibrating column of air. In the pipe organ the column of air is set into vibration by mechanical means.
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The Horn Doctor even makes a mass house call at the university bands' annual "Maintenance Party'' picnic, when more than 130 brass instruments get annual tuneups.
It only plays one note," he says, almost apologetically, holding one of the brass instruments he's hammered out in his workshop.
In addition, anyone who would like to play a brass instrument would be welcome to attend the band's learners practice on Sunday evenings at 6pm, where the loan of an instrument and tuition is free.
The history of valved brass instruments up to now has been told as a history of an invention, with a focus on design and manufacture.
A group of them played the Rocky theme tune and The Great Escape on brass instruments during the Princess Royal's visit.
As well as an evening gig by bass player Jah Wobble there will also be a recital featuring a replica of a 2,000-year-old brass instrument, the carnyx; early music from the university's chamber choir; string quartets; concerts by an ensemble of resident musicians and much more.
The 30-year-old television worker from Carmel near Caernarfon took the top prize in the brass instrument solo for over 19s at the Eisteddfod.
MUSIC LOVERS take note - skilled Teesside brass instrument makers are supplying top UK stars galore
But after taking up this brass instrument, little Ryan Harrison is curing himself of a chronic illness.
Brass instrument solo years 7-9: Elin Jones, Ysgol David Hughes.
Dave McKee, 73 (above), decked out in a Santa hat, plays the "nearly perfect instrument" - aka the tuba - along with a dozen other players of the big brass instrument Friday night in the Jaqua Concert Hall at the Shedd in downtown Eugene.
I was apprehensive as I am not as young as I used to be and hadn't touched a brass instrument for 19 years