brass wind instrument

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brass wind instrument:

see wind instrumentwind instrument,
in music, any instrument whose tone is produced by a vibrating column of air. In the pipe organ the column of air is set into vibration by mechanical means.
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Comparison of the mean percentage of maximal voluntary contraction (% MVC) for each muscle among woodwind instruments with a reed mouthpiece (WW-wR), woodwind instruments without a reed mouthpiece (WW-woR), brass wind instruments with a small mouthpiece (BW-SM), brass wind instruments with a large mouthpiece (BW-LM), and control (NW) groups: a) masseter muscle, b) temporalis muscle, c) sternocleidomastoid muscle, d) trapezius muscle
Banda is a style of Mexican ensemble music that uses mostly percussion and brass wind instruments. A male-dominated genre since its inception in 19th century central Mexico, banda songs include rancheras, corridos, boteros, and baladas.