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brace, 3
1. A metal or wood member which is used to stiffen or support a structure; a strut which supports or fixes another member in position or a tie used for the same purpose.
2. An angle brace.
3. A tool having a handle, crank, and chuck; used for holding a bit or auger and rotating it to drill a hole by hand; also called a bit stock.
4. A raker, 2.
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The BRC, in other words, from its beginning, welcomed all and we would not tolerate prejudices and aggression against segments of the black Left.
The company's European facility, Plascon Packaging UK, also achieved BRC Certification as a warehousing facility.
Since its founding in 1981, BRC has been honored with over 275 international awards for creative excellence including two Academy Award nominations and 17 THEA Awards for Outstanding Achievement for its museum exhibits and visitor attractions.
The BRC audit took one day without disruption to business.
The BRC said consumer caution and the slowing housing market continued to hit sales of big-ticket and household items.
David Felwick, chairman of the BRC, said: 'We are delighted to appoint Kevin Hawkins as director general as he has an excellent record within the retail industry and we look forward to his developing the retail sector's campaigning profile with Government.
c) Authority of BRC Chain The chair of the BRC shall have the discretion to deter mine the order of the agenda, time allocated to each matter, and whether personal appearances may be allowed.
Bill Moyes, BRC director general said, "There is evidence that, despite strong sales growth, the UK was not experiencing inflationary pressure from the high street.
The BRC aspect of the product was something that library and OEM customers wanted as features, as well as the VAR and end-user segments, she continued.
BRC Imagination Arts recently promoted Scott Ault to the newly created position of vice president of creative development for the Burbank-based designer of themed attractions.
This "Subtitle K" approach will be based on the BRC statement of principles, which recognize that materials recycling is not waste treatment or disposal.
Julie Phillips, Service Coordinator for young adults with the BRC, recently promoted the work of the BRC with young adult carers at open events at WNSC's Walford and Oswestry Campuses.