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is like saying people who opposed communism were hypocrites for benefiting from government issue clothing." (6) Or, as I wrote a couple years ago, "According to the logic of [leftists], somebody standing in a Soviet bread line has no right to criticize Soviet bread lines, because he is after all waiting his turn for the bread." (7)
My bank account shows funds below the bread line. All costs of services, power, water, telephone, rent, food - everything - has gone up; my perceived income has not.
At presstime, the 220-store grocer was hosting active demos of the new Baking Stone Bread line, variations of which include honey whole grain & seeds batard, pretzel bread, focaccias, asiago cheese, black pepper, and parmesan and roasted garlic.
On Monday, a 24-year-old man known to suffer a heart condition died while waiting in a chaotic bread line outside a bakery in southern Egypt.
At First Minister's questions in the Senedd, she said: "It gives me no pleasure to be able to inform you that a food bank network has sprung up in Wales in order to distribute emergency food supplies to those people living below the bread line."
A new state-of-the art bread line will produce as much bread as the two old lines put together and will also create space if future expansion is required at the plant.
Hot Dog Stand conveys detachment, noncommunication, and anonymity; Depression Bread Line projects the isolation and stasis of hard times, of economic crisis--a concern symptomatic of the present day.
Volunteer Del Patrick said serving at the bread line was "a joy" for him.
This addition marks the fifth product in the Hot Mama Bread line, which includes 14.5-ounce gourmet Italian cheese breads in Original, Garlic and Bruschetta flavors.
Far too often today words like poverty and deprivation are bandied around to describe people who by no stretch of the imagination could truly be described as surviving on the bread line. Unable to afford the latest iPod or computer games, maybe, cutting back on eating out and foreign holidays, perhaps, keeping an eye on the weekly shopping bill, certainly, but highly unlikely thank God ever to come close to meeting the true definition of poverty as witnessed in many third world countries.
Poverty and social breakdown- people barely able to survive on the bread line.
(A) We collected 1,500 pairs of socks and gave them to men and women on the bread line in New York that Father Mychal ministered to.