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(jee -os) The first all-scientific satellite in geostationary orbit, built by the European Space Agency for the purpose of studying the Earth's magnetosphere. GEOS–1, launched in April 1977, failed to reach its planned orbit; GEOS–2 was successfully launched in July 1978 and operated for two years with the reactivated GEOS–1 and some other satellites. Having become redundant it was boosted into a higher orbit in 1984.
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A small windowing, microkernel (less than 64 kbytes long) operating system written in heavily bummed assembly language for MS-DOS computers. It multitasks rather nicely on a 6 Mhz Intel 80286 with at least 512K memory.

It was adapted to PDAs by adding pen recognition, which doesn't work very well.

Usenet newsgroup: news:comp.os.geos.
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(1) For GEO communications satellites, see GEO.

(2) (Graphic Environment Operating System) An earlier graphical user interface (GUI) and application platform from Breadbox Computer Company. Originally developed by Geoworks Corporation, GEOS was first available for the 8-bit Commodore 64 and Apple II in the mid-1980s.

In 1990, PC/GEOS was introduced for DOS-based PCs, and GEOS ran under various DOS versions in notebook computers and handhelds, including Brother's GeoBook and Nokia's Communicator. GEOS was also the first front end to AOL's website, and GEOS SC was a 32-bit version used by Mitsubishi for cellphones in Japan.

DOS-Based GEOS Suites
Breadbox Ensemble (formerly Geoworks Ensemble) included GEOS-based productivity apps and utilities. A School Suite included educational apps, and an Android tablet pre-loaded with GEOS School Suite was proposed.

GEOS was first licensed to Breadbox, Geoworks' largest application developer and training organization. Breadbox acquired the rights to GEOS software in 2003. See Commodore 64, Apple II and DOS.

Breadbox School Suite
School Suite included a raft of educational applications for the GEOS platform. (Image courtesy of Breadbox Computer Company.)
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The offending battery -- about the size of a breadbox, as it happens -- turned up swollen, charred and leaking flammable chemicals.
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I have learned much there from conversations and contacts with men incarcerated at a medium-security prison in the neo-"bumed-over district" that is our Meth-cooked heartland, the poor white outback Hoosierlandia or Greater Kentuckiana, studded with the abandoned industrial sites of factory workers' withered American dreams, the former breadbox now soul-beholden to processed food-service imports, a red state gone blue for one brilliant flashpoint second to elect Barack Obama, only to sink back ever more determinedly into the antiunion, anti-immigrant, pro-prison family values morass that is its beloved briar patch.
Also remarkable is its keeping power: Throw it in a breadbox and it'll keep fresh for a week.
Although they ceased publication in 1962, my brother and I scavenged barely vintage copies from paper drives and tag sales and secured them in a tin breadbox (also found curbside); we would withdraw them from their cask on a narrow loft in our garage to read about Sydney Carton and Helen of Troy.
If it will be eaten within a few days, you can protect freshly made, uncut loaves of bread from pets and other critters by storing it in a wooden or metal breadbox on the kitchen counter.
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