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Scientists are not sure whether the expected iceberg break off from the Larsen C is an effect of climate change, however the BAS said "there is good scientific evidence that climate change has caused thinning of the ice shelf.
President Bush's special adviser on the North, Richard Haas, said he expects the IRA to break off all relationships with terrorist groups.
The break off of the large piece of ice leaves the whole shelf at risk to future break-ups, researchers say.
She attempted to break off the relationship and complained to friends that he was stalking her.
Break off steel and metal structures, Do not contaminate - 25t.
Guard Eric Piatkowski capped the rally, finishing a fast break off a feed from Darrick Martin to put the Clippers ahead 13-4 with 7:07 left in the opening quarter.
375 m 3 protective cover, base plate, recycled material break off 1 316 m 2 roof covering remove 1 316 m 2 trapezoidal sheet 62 m attic top, reinforced concrete, break off break off 8 pcs.
RJR officials Tuesday said they will sell their international tobacco business to Japan's largest tobacco company and break off domestic tobacco operations into a separate company owned by the same shareholders.