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1. an act of forward movement by an animal, completed when the legs have returned to their initial relative positions
2. Rowing the distance covered between strokes
3. Jazz a piano style characterized by single bass notes on the first and third beats and chords on the second and fourth
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(Spoofing, Tampering, Repudiation, Information, Denial, Elevation) An acronym for remembering six areas of risk in technology. For an excellent example of applying STRIDE to Web applications, visit the keepers of the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) at

Spoofing Identities
A user should not be able to assume the identity of, or mask the attributes of, someone else. Using a public key infrastructure (PKI) and digital signatures is a way of preventing spoofing.

Tampering With Data
The integrity of data should be preserved at all times. Encryption, independent verification and input, process and output validation are some of the tools that can be used.

Repudiate a Transaction
A valid transaction should not be subject to rejection. Good audit trails and signing a message with date and time are examples of preventative methods.

Information Disclosure
Information should not fall into unauthorized hands. Data loss prevention (DLP) techniques are used to strengthen corporate confidentiality. See DLP.

Denial of Service
A server or an application should not be vulnerable to being put out of service. Redundant and/or backup systems are datacenter architectures that can be used.

Elevation of Privilege
An unauthorized user should not be allowed administrator rights. Refusing to share passwords or tokens can reduce this risk. See access control.
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NEW Zealand coach John Mitchell insisted the All Blacks have 'everything to gain' from their four Pool D clashes despite expectations they will breeze through to the quarter-finals without breaking stride.
Without breaking stride, the customer replied: "It's not mine, either."
He learns the particular forms of chat employed at the coffee dispenser and in the cafeteria, the formulaic greetings in the halls - backward steps while waving a sheaf of papers without breaking stride, followed by an over-the-shoulder greeting.
Or, heather in fields a purple glazed mist the bagpiper walks through, breaking stride only for the boulder, his pipes blowing for all Hell to hear.
Without breaking stride, Wilbert lashed home an unstoppable drive from 14 yards.
Another counter-attack saw Ross Barkley thread a pass into the Belgian and without breaking stride he swept a fine finish past Martin Stekelenburg.
Ahmed Elmohamady threaded a teasing cross between Middlesbrough's central defenders and Diame with perfect timing applied a first-time finish without breaking stride.
Foolishly, I crouched to grab her collar and she went through my legs without breaking stride, sending me arsenic over teapot into a nest of nettles.
Without breaking stride, Stephane Sessegnon met Andre Wisdom's low cross with an exquisite first-time effort, curled into the top corner from 18 yards, to put the Baggies in front.
Kelly Macari's dog, already winner of the All England and Steel City Cups, was caught after leading by Boher Paddy in round one, although he did not help his cause by briefly breaking stride at the penultimate turn.
Lopez might have brought the competition's most dangerous serve into yesterday's clash but Murray rendered risible any suggestion the world No.44 would cause him problems by racing to a 6-3, 6-4, 6-4 victory without breaking stride.
But the Londoners built on their 32-point half-time lead to cruise home in the end, running in 13 unanswered tries without breaking stride.