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Replete with an authentic MPAA title card noting that the preview has been rated for "All Audiences," Harry Knuckles boasts precise, breakneck editing, inventive--and derivative
The timetable was breakneck, but Jackson knew how to inspire her people.
One might guess that the dancers were trying to hurl their limbs from their bodies in whipped spins, knee slides, and breakneck leaps.
More than 500 million years ago, Earth may have lost its balance and listed to one side, causing the continents to reposition themselves at breakneck speed, according to a team of geophysicists.
Broadband video is evolving at such a breakneck pace that even the largest media companies need a long-term strategic partner with both the industry knowledge and the technology assets that will allow them to keep focus on their key competencies of creating content and selling advertising.
BREAKNECK COMEDY SNAFU In Aid of the STV Appeal, Breakneck Comedy presentsThe Big Comedy Gala.
For that reason, I'd rather side with Fractured Foxy, who will be well suited by a breakneck gallop, as she showed when scoring over 6f here last time.
Meanwhile, the LAUSD continues to build new warehouse campuses at breakneck speed.
Reich creates believable characters and writes with breakneck pace and a kick like a bazooka.
It moves at a breakneck pace and will engage even reluctant readers.
Kinda thrashy, it's breakneck speed punk rawk, with a hint of the Devil Dogs' attitude and style.
In 2000, the number of high security risks has continued to grow at breakneck speeds with the X-Force currently engaged in active research of approximately 100 security risks per month.