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see sunfishsunfish,
common name for members of the family Centrachidae, comprising numerous species of spiny-finned, freshwater fishes with deep, laterally flattened bodies found in temperate North America.
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(Austral), brim
1. any of several Eurasian freshwater cyprinid fishes of the genus Abramis, esp A. brama, having a deep compressed body covered with silvery scales
2. white or silver bream a similar cyprinid, Blicca bjoerkna
3. short for sea bream


Julian (Alexander). born 1933, English guitarist and lutenist
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Graham Dawes (Ted Carter) took the best on the day, taking bream for 60.
However, a large seal patrolling the match length dampened hopes of catching bream.
When bream are bedding, a small, 1/16-to 1/32-ounce jighead is the start of a great setup to catch a lot of big bream.
Tiny Bream played her part in riling the newspapermen, capturing dozens of small fishing boats and coasting craft--some as small as canoes.
Overnight visitors to LochMaben's Castle Loch have fared well recently, and a bream of 11lb 10oz from the loch is currently awaiting ratification as a new Scottish record for the species.
Sea bream is present in the Spanish markets only as a fresh product and is always sold in whole form.
Bream entered talks with American private equity fund, Caxton-Iseman Capital and Star Capital Partners of London, after WestLB's principal finance arm, led by high profile deal maker Robin Saunders, pulled out.
Injecting captive bream with GnRH jump-started a cascade of events, including a release of the pituitary's gonadotropins into the blood.
Stuart Button examines the struggles of the famous English lutenist and guitarist Julian Bream at the very outset of his career.
He was drawn on the Meadow Lake dam and caught roach, bream and perch using a whip and baiting with maggots.