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see sunfishsunfish,
common name for members of the family Centrachidae, comprising numerous species of spiny-finned, freshwater fishes with deep, laterally flattened bodies found in temperate North America.
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(Austral), brim
1. any of several Eurasian freshwater cyprinid fishes of the genus Abramis, esp A. brama, having a deep compressed body covered with silvery scales
2. white or silver bream a similar cyprinid, Blicca bjoerkna
3. short for sea bream


Julian (Alexander). born 1933, English guitarist and lutenist
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The researchers have confirmed that a red sea bream group given the mixed meal has survived significantly longer than a group without it.
In the end, Bream himself, before and after more than three decades of adulthood, emerges as the most interesting subject illuminated by comparison.
The dozens of photographs in Palmer's book propel the reader to the world of a forty-eight-year-old Bream as if by fastforward.
As a result, Button's book is doubly welcome, a cause for hope that Bream may yet become amenable to entreaties from serious, qualified biographers.