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1. the intake and expulsion of air during respiration
2. the air inhaled or exhaled during respiration
3. a single respiration or inhalation of air, etc
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What does it mean when you dream about breath?

Many people have problems breathing during sleep, even if they do not have full-blown apnea, and this can be reflected in one’s dream life. If not an apnea symptom, holding one’s breath in a dream represent an expression of will, or repressing one’s anxieties or emotions. Breathing is also central to an unusually large number of idioms: “a breath of fresh air,” “a waste of breath,” “take your breath away,” “catch your breath,” “out of breath,” and the like, any one of which could find expression in one’s dreams.

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The mean baseline breath sound score of the experimental group was 2.76 [+ or -] 0.431 and of control group was 2.33 [+ or -] 0.736.
In order to perform the long-term monitoring of cardiac activity (in both adults and fetuses during their intrauterine growth), it is more preferable to record phonocardiograms within a low-frequency band (40-90 Hz), which allows avoiding the overlapping of breath sounds with heart sounds down to the limit.
Spectral analysis of the respiratory signals indicated that variation in the average power of the tracheal breath sounds at different positions was a characteristic feature that discriminated the OSA and control groups.
There were reduced breath sounds with inspiratory crackles and bronchial breathing in the right base posteriorly.
He says that absence of wheezing can be a serious sign in people with asthma: "In very severe, life-threatening exacerbations of asthma, airflow may be reduced so significantly that no breath sounds can be heard on auscultation and wheezing is inaudible." Properly administered bronchodilator therapy can help differentiate between asthma and other conditions with similar symptoms such as pneumonia, emphysema, and congestive heart failure.
Physical examination revealed diminished breath sounds on the lower right side with chest retraction, and abdominal movement showed a paradoxical pattern.
By this be meant that she had little cough, had no difficulty breathing and on exam her breath sounds were equal in both lungs and did not include wheezes or crackles.
The patient was fully conscious and normotensive; breath sounds were decreased on the left.
In the emergency department, she displayed decreased breath sounds and crackles on the left side.
The presentation of this form of large-bowel obstruction is similar to other causes, but there may be decreased breath sounds on the affected side and, rarely, bowel sounds may be audible in the chest.
Respiratory: Breath sounds are clear throughout the lung fields; symmetrical expansion of the chest wall.