breather membrane

breather-type asphalt felt

An underlayment sheet material, saturated with asphalt, which permits the transmission of water vapor; often used as underlayment for asbestos-cement shingles.
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2 - ROOFER WORK2A - DORMER - Natural slate finish to roof and cheeks on breather membrane (Sarking under Joiner Work).
6 mm thick breather membrane non-conductive for air functioned as a vapour-conductive wind proofing insulation (hereinafter "breather membrane").
In the roof constructions of the cells, the thermocouples were installed on the internal surface of the roof, in the middle of the ventilated air gap of the roof, on the external surface of the breather membrane, on the junction of the chipboard and polyethylene film, and on the internal surface of the chipboard.
Tyvek ThermaWrap is an insulating breather membrane with a combination of thermal resistance and high vapor permeability.
Combining multi-layer breather membrane and film/highloft composites and adding highly reflective metal surfaces is the ultimate idea in the field of pitched roof insulation," commented Texbond's Alessandro Mottes.
The works are for:- Removal of existing metal profiled roof including steel sheeting / purlins / counter battens / breather membrane (Existing 9mm ply sheathing on trussed roof to remain).
The material is engineered by reversing the principles of breather membrane design.
Fit breather membrane, proprietary eaves ventilator and new treated softwood battens.
The physical properties of a continuous sheet breather membrane, as compared to more traditional net support, helps to reduce the heat loss than can occur due to convection and cold air movement on the exposed underside of the insulant.