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Difficult or labored breathing.
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disruption of the rate and depth of respiration, accompanied by the sensation of shortness of breath.

Cardiac patients experience dyspnea both while physically exerting themselves and while subsequently resting in the horizontal position. Their condition is complicated by orthopnea, the inability to breathe except in a sitting position. In patients with cardiac diseases, attacks of severe dyspnea, which usually occur at night, are a symptom of cardiac asthma. In such cases, the dyspnea is inspiratory; that is, the patient finds it difficult to inhale. Expiratory dyspnea, difficulty in exhaling, arises when the lumina of the small bronchi and bronchioles are narrowed, as in bronchial asthma. It also arises when the elasticity of the lung tissue is lost, as in chronic emphysema of the lungs. Cerebral dyspnea is a result of direct irritation of the cerebral respiratory center by such abnormalities as tumors and hemorrhages.

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Health Minister Greg Hunt said, 'KAPANOL helps with the relief of distressing chronic breathlessness in the palliative care of patients with severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), cardiac failure, malignancy or other causes and this listing will benefit around 20,000 Australian patients per year.'
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Sufferers also frequently experience exacerbations, that is, serious episodes of increased breathlessness, cough and sputum production that last from several days to a few weeks.
On third post-operative day one episode of breathlessness and tachycardia was experienced, controlled on Bisoprolol tablets.
The participants were examined for metabolic control, diabetes-related complications, breathlessness and lung function.
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Breathlessness can be caused by anemia, which means there is not enough hemoglobin in your blood to carry oxygen from your lungs to the rest of your body (we'll be covering this topic in more depth in an upcoming issue).
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