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Difficult or labored breathing.



disruption of the rate and depth of respiration, accompanied by the sensation of shortness of breath.

Cardiac patients experience dyspnea both while physically exerting themselves and while subsequently resting in the horizontal position. Their condition is complicated by orthopnea, the inability to breathe except in a sitting position. In patients with cardiac diseases, attacks of severe dyspnea, which usually occur at night, are a symptom of cardiac asthma. In such cases, the dyspnea is inspiratory; that is, the patient finds it difficult to inhale. Expiratory dyspnea, difficulty in exhaling, arises when the lumina of the small bronchi and bronchioles are narrowed, as in bronchial asthma. It also arises when the elasticity of the lung tissue is lost, as in chronic emphysema of the lungs. Cerebral dyspnea is a result of direct irritation of the cerebral respiratory center by such abnormalities as tumors and hemorrhages.

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Before undergoing pulmonary rehabilitation last year he was too scared to leave his home in Maesteg for fear he would suffer a debilitating attack of breathlessness.
STAY ACTIVE Being active can help to manage breathlessness as it strengthens your muscles and increases your fitness.
This triggers breathlessness and asthmatic attacks.
This translated into clinically relevant patient benefits of improved health status and breathlessness (dyspnea), studied as exploratory endpoints.
Treatments are used to slow progression of the lung scarring, and may not necessarily lessen the symptoms of cough and breathlessness.
If you know anyone who has any of these symptoms, encourage them to see their doctor as breathlessness can also be a symptom of other conditions such as anxiety or anaemia.
A clinical psychologist is attached to the cardio respiratory integrated specialist services (CRISS), under which the CNSs work, and helps in the management of anxiety and with developing breathlessness management plans.
Breathlessness Shortness of breath is common in older adults, and there are physiologic reasons why it occurs.
According to Kashmir Media Service, family members of Shahid-ul-Islam told media that he was rushed to Florence Hospital at Chanapora from his home after he complained of breathlessness.
At Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, 62- year- old Delhi resident Ajeet Singh is now battling for his life after he complained of severe breathlessness while returning from morning walk.
I think I knew deep down something wasn't right - he'd been complaining about breathlessness for a few years and he'd get out of breath walking the dog.
Barts Blood Pressure Clinic will make sure it works properly to resolve my breathlessness and stop my headaches and chest pain.