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see conglomerateconglomerate,
in geology, sedimentary rock composed largely of pebbles or other rounded particles whose diameter is larger than 2 mm (.08 in.). Essentially a cemented gravel, conglomerates are formed along beaches, as glacial drift, and in river deposits.
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cemented rock composed of angular fragments (sized 1 cm or more). Breccias may be composed of fragments from one rock (monomictic breccia) or several different rocks (polymictic breccia).

Breccias are volcanic (volcanogenic), sedimentary, or tectonic in origin. Volcanogenic breccias originate when the more liquid lava cements together the lava fragments which have formed during the crushing and breakdown of flowing viscous lava (lava breccia), during the agglomeration of tuff and other volcanogenic elastic materials (tuff breccia), and during the diagenesis of mud flow deposits in volcanic regions (lahars). Sedimentary breccias are formed in continental conditions during the cementation of talus deposits and mud-flow deposits from lahars, and during the collapse of the roofs of karstic cavities (karst breccia). A specific type of breccia is bone breccia, which originates in places where the mass destruction and burial of vertebrates has occurred. In maritime areas breccia originates as a result of the destruction of littoral rocks or reefs. Tectonic breccias (friction breccia) are formed in a rock stratum during tectonic movements when rock is crushed along the fractures. Large fragments in this case are usually buried in a finely granulated mass.



A rock made up of very angular coarse fragments; may be sedimentary or may be formed by grinding or crushing along faults.


Any stone composed of angular fragments embedded and consolidated in a finer ground. Numerous marbles owe their distinctive appearance to brecciation.
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It will be drilled in a northwest direction to cross under NEOL - 01 and confirm the south half of the Neola breccia pipe.
Moved quickly, before our competitors, to acquire the largest number of breccia pipe targets (Pipes) in the district - this emphasis on acquisition continued until the late summer of 2007.
Devised the new approach of low angle diamond core drilling to quickly and precisely define the breccia pipe surface geometry at low cost to allow an accurate deep hole(s) test to be precisely placed.
Mineralized breccia outcrops and boulders are composed of gray, aphanitic, crusty rock that exhibits ghosts of breccia fragments through pervasive silicification of the original rock texture.
Assay returns from four samples collected from breccia sub-crop at Paola are as follows:
Both occurrences of breccia mineralization are targeted for fieldwork in the Company's 2007 District Exploration program.
With acquisitions in the North Pipes project area of Northern Arizona, Liberty Star additionally now has 651 standard Federal lode mining claims covering 13,476 acres or about 21 square miles in 41 separate blocks covering 123 breccia pipe targets.
From 124m the hole intersected, potassic altered mineralized polymict breccia, basalt breccia and diorite to a depth of 620m.
From 105m to the final depth of 622m the hole transected intensely quartz stockworked, polymict breccia with k-silicate alteration overprinted by an intermediate argillic assemblage.
However, because of announced presentations of the uranium potential of this area at annual meetings of various professional exploration societies, the Company started a full bore identification and acquisition campaign to acquire as many breccia pipe targets as quickly as possible starting in October, 2005.
2 square miles in 32 separate blocks covering 55 breccia pipe targets.