brick bond

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1. A financial guarantee by a surety company that work will be completed as described in a contract. Also see bid bond, completion bond, contract bond, labor and material payment bond, performance bond, surety bond.
2.See roofing bond.
3. The adhesive strength that prevents delamination of the plies of a built-up roofing membrane.
4. The union of materials by their adhesive or cohesive properties.
5.See bond timber.
6. An arrangement of masonry units (headers and stretchers) laid in a pattern that provides a brick wall with strength, stability, and in some cases, beauty, depending on the pattern. For descriptions of various masonry bonds, see American bond, basket-weave bond, Chinese bond, common bond, Dutch bond, English bond, English Cross bond, English garden wall bond, Flemish bond, Flemish garden wall bond, flying bond, header bond, in-and-out bond, monk bond, raking stretcher bond, rat-trap bond, rowlock bond, running bond, silver-lock bond, stack bond, stretcher bond, Sussex bond, Yorkshire bond.
7. A low-resistance electric conductor which joins two adjacent metal parts or structures.
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Lay the turves in rows in a brick bond style, with seams running at intervals.
I just have old-fashioned brick bond tiles and am looking for a Sex And The City-style New York apartment look?
Similar metal products, such as wind brace, brick bond, corner bead and strapping are also offered.