brick facing

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brick veneer, brick facing

brick veneer
A facing of brick laid against the front side of an exterior wall but not bonded to it; provides a decorative, durable wall surface. Such bricks typically are laid lengthwise, so this type of construction is relatively thin, economical, and easy to lay.
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The rear wall's interior and exterior brick facing and windows collapsed as the wall swayed in the tornado-driven winds.
White paint covers the remaining Roman brick facing.
This list of improvements includes repairing brick facing and sidewalks, enhancing handicap accommodations, upgrading bathrooms and more.
Masonry work infill with KS masonry, brick facing of the facade,
It would have a brick facing that matches the brick on the sidewalk running along the Main Street, and have a green area compatible with the greenery along Main Street, as requested by Town Manager Brian J.
It is built out of reinforced concrete, with brick facing panels between the glazing.
3--ran in SIMI and CONEJO) A shop building on Central Avenue, reconstructed after the 1994 earthquake, gets brick facing in Fillmore.
The panels being supplied incorporate architectural precast with two finishes and integrated clay brick facing tiles.
Damage is said to include cracking in concrete, tiles, walls, ceilings, brick facings, crown molding and so forth; foundations have also been unsettled, doors won't shut and the Millers' pool won't consistently hold water.
Brick facings from the old station, circa 1969, were cleaned, sliced, dated, centered with a Holliston municipal imprint, and distributed to guests at the dedication.
The house was obviously upgraded in later years, its frontage displaying a mix and match collection of windows and brick facings alongside some glimpses of the local sandstone.