brick oven

bake oven

bake oven (longitudinal section)
An oven constructed of bricks, usually having a circular or oval dome; often located within the hearth of the principal fireplace of a colonial home, usually in a corner of the hearth and a few feet above it. Bake ovens were once an integral part of the fireplace construction; some were heated by glowing charcoal or embers that were swept out before the unbaked loaves were inserted and the iron oven door closed. Also called a beehive oven, bread oven, brick oven, or Dutch oven.
References in classic literature ?
Having had a drink of vodka and something to eat, they were about to take tea, and the samovar standing on the floor beside the brick oven was already humming.
He searched in every corner, he turned his bed over, and shook it, and kneaded it; he looked in his brick oven where he laid his sticks.
Only Malasha, Andrew's six-year-old granddaughter whom his Serene Highness had petted and to whom he had given a lump of sugar while drinking his tea, remained on the top of the brick oven in the larger room.
a wall beside the kitchen fireplace-- a little iron door belonging to a brick oven, of that old-fashioned sort that used to be heated with faggots of wood.
Beautiful Brick Oven Pizzeria Shop located in busy strip plaza.
Lifetime has also created a "one-stop shop for pizza" with its new Brick Oven brand.
Don't dismiss Anzio's Brick Oven Pizza as another neighborhood pizza palace.
com)-- Giant Rustic Pizza, a takeout and delivery restaurant, featuring giant artisan brick oven pizzas is heating up Arcadia at 3945 East Camelback Road in Phoenix.
Freschetta Brick Oven Chicken Club Pizza features premium white meat chicken, cured and smoked bacon, vine-ripened tomatoes, spinach and a white sauce on a proprietary brick oven crust, created in high-heat ovens that result in a crust that is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, say officials for the Minneapolis-based company.
Schwan's Consumer Brands, Bloomington, Minnesota, USA, maker of Freschetta frozen pizzas, recently introduced sea salt and olive oil to the sauce used in its Brick Oven line.
But the city lost one option when Brick Oven Pizza Co.
The bakery has been making homemade pies and pasties for over 20 years using a traditional 100-year-old brick oven.