brick paver

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2. A half-thickness paving brick, used as a floor finish.
3. A self-propelled machine that places concrete.
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The City of Naples desires to solicit proposals from vendors capable of providing general brick paver maintenance, repair and restoration and capable of providing a combination of manpower, equipment and materials to perform non-emergency and emergency repairs for the City of Naples.
The floor's one-coat application permanently bonds to concrete, quarry tile, brick pavers or plywood, making it a choice option for renovations.
Plan the barbecue's dimensions to fit a standard BBQ grill and for the fire bed use clay brick pavers, which ' unlike concrete will withstand high temperatures.
Much of the warmth and intimacy of the Festival Theatre was created by its red brick walls, brick pavers, cedar shingled roofs and wood pergolas.
"We've set back the brick-arched structure 20 feet from the street to create a well-defined entry plaza of brick pavers and appropriate landscaping," said Paul E.
The improvements include the reconstruction of footways with small paving slabs and brick pavers, replacement and re-alignment of kerbs to provideparking in bays and on t he street as well as the resurfacing of the main carriageway.
To break up the expanse of aggregate patio, Herbst divided it into 9-foot squares, using brick pavers like those that top the firepit.
Tenders are invited for removal of pavement, sidewalks and salvage of brick pavers in order to construct a traffic table across hilltop avenue at the entrance to parking structure #2.
The old deck still exists--but now it supports the added layers of heavyduty building felt, wire-reinforced mortar, and brick pavers laid in a "thin-set" base and grouted.
Tenders are invited for install brick pavers between the existing sidewalks and street curbing.
The buildings share a landscaped terrace and covered walkways with brick pavers which connect and surround the buildings.
Tenders are invited for To supply engraved paver bricks to the school district, brick pavers shall be laser engraved.