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Built in 1963 and comprised of two 2-story buildings constructed of wood framing with brick veneer, metal siding, vinyl windows and metal roofing.
The fluid-applied flashing needs to run down the exterior face of the bottom plate and seal to the seat in the concrete supporting the brick veneer. There will probably be a "jog" or an "offset" at the intersection of the bottom plate and the upper corner of the seat in the slab, depending on whether the original wall sheathing (now removed) lined up with the seat or was framed to overlap the seat.
Exterior: Clay brick, brick veneer, operable windows
* 'reverse brick veneer' construction, with internal bricks acting as thermal mass to stabilise temperature
The terminal building was constructed with a structural steel frame and masonry bearing walls, brick veneer exterior, asphalt shingle roof and radiant floor heat.
Abandoning the uniformity of color, size, and shape associated with traditional brick, the company introduces its brick veneer product line.
Further chapters address air and water barriers, insulation, sealant joints, curtain walls, anchored brick veneer, concrete masonry walls, and wood frame construction.
This style was called brick veneer. A brick veneer house is actually made of wood.
And, I have a brick veneer? Well, follow the code for the air space--that will give you 1 in.
A particularly lengthy paper evaluates corrosion, mold growth, and moisture accumulation within brick veneer wall assemblies designed per 2006 international energy code.