brick veneer

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brick veneer, brick facing

brick veneer
A facing of brick laid against the front side of an exterior wall but not bonded to it; provides a decorative, durable wall surface. Such bricks typically are laid lengthwise, so this type of construction is relatively thin, economical, and easy to lay.
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Some of the work had been neatly done, but she was again appalled to find that most of the work resembled the work of a five-year-old: white paint spatters and drips on the red brick veneer, drip marks on the window casings and doors, and uneven paint coverage on the trim and doors.
Using high-density, high-compressive strength and frost-resistant bricks with steel backing trays, Corium moves traditional stacked brick into high performance brick veneers," says Telling Vice President Steven Collins.
It was completed in 1986 and consists of 14 two-story, wood-frame buildings with a combination of brick veneer and cedar siding and pitched roofs.
Hampton Greene was completed in 1990 and consists of 20 two-story wood frame buildings with brick veneer, horizontal vinyl siding, and pitched roofs.
The property was constructed in 1985 and consists of 350 units in 40 two-story buildings and seven one-story buildings with brick veneer and stucco exteriors and pitched roofs.
Clear Run, completed in two phases in 1987 and 1989, consists of 19 two-story wood frame buildings with a combination of brick veneer and horizontal hardwood siding and pitched roofs.
River Place, completed in 1988, consists of 13 two- and three-story wood frame buildings with cedar siding and brick veneer walls and pitched roofs.
The 136-bed wood frame structure has a brick veneer exterior with wood windows and Williamsburg-style trim.
The Shire, constructed in two phases in 1982 and 1984, consists of 34 two-story wood frame buildings with brick veneer and vinyl siding and pitched roofs.
The Waterford at Mesquite is a three-story building with a combination brick veneer and stucco exterior.
Hunting Ridge was constructed in 1972 and consists of 21 two-story buildings of wood frame construction with brick veneer walls, a mansard above the brick and flat roofs.
It is constructed with single concrete block and partially brick veneer on a land size of five acres or 217,800 square feet.