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bat, 1
1. A piece of brick with one undamaged end; also called a brickbat.
2. A unit of batt insulation.
3. A piece of wood used as a brace.
4. A batten.
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Q: Are there types of Brickbats you look forward to?
On social media, the bureaucrat earned bouquets and brickbats, with some saying it was wrong on his part to criticise the government while being part of the government machinery, while others said he was punished by the government for bluntly stating that the king was naked.
He is correct that there is no solution with "Goli and Gali" (bullets and brickbats).
"Na goli se, na gaali se Kashmir ki samasya hal hogi (Neither bullets nor brickbats will solve the Kashmir issue)", Modi said, adding, "it will only be solved by love and by embracing all Kashmiris."
Their verbal brawl then turned into a bloody fight as they started pelting stones and brickbats on one another.
But, at the risk of ducking a hail of 'sexist' brickbats, we dare to ask the question: What do women want from a car ?
CRAIG Oliver, David Cameron's communications chief, has been happy to let the Aussie election "guru" Lynton Crosby take the brickbats for the listless Conservative campaign.
The daily sacrifices of such parents deserve nothing short of admiration - not the brickbats of officialdom.
AS the ongoing house building mania gathers pace, it is understandable that people are lobbing brickbats and venting their spleens at councils, but they are the wrong targets.
No wonder Abhishek is irritated with the brickbats as they seek to poison what is clearly an immensely happy phase for the doting parents.
Thank goodness Kevin Dillon's "Entourage" alter ego, the notoriously sensitive Johnny Drama, won't have to endure the critical brickbats likely to be hurled at "How to Be a Gentleman." It's the oldest of formulas--mismatched buddies, even being promoted as "the oddest couple"--handled with the least amount of finesse, as a persnickety writer for an effete lifestyle magazine is reunited with the brute who gave him wedgies in high school, who's now a personal trainer.