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bat, 1
1. A piece of brick with one undamaged end; also called a brickbat.
2. A unit of batt insulation.
3. A piece of wood used as a brace.
4. A batten.
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The contract is the execution of the service clippings and brickbats stand located around the low voltage power lines within the area of ?
Police enforced a road block on streets around the press club diverting vehicles to alternative roads as smoke engulfed the area sending journalists trapped inside as protestors used stones and brickbats.
skirmishes and brickbats between pro and against protest groups.
Still, this year's Eugene Celebration deserves other bouquets and brickbats, at least from one reveler's point of view.
I wondered how long it would take for the national brickbats to come out for part of Liverpool''s redevelopment.
And - more brickbats I'm afraid - there's the Damian Green affair during which the Tory MP was told by detectives he was staring down the barrel of a life sentence for leaking Government information.
But more significant, the brickbats also came from economic and political leaders of European allies like Germany and France.
Entitled Remote/rural nursing in Australia--bouquets and brickbats, Rewi shared her experiences over the Last two years of taking short-term contracts in remote communities in Australia.
After enduring a week of pressure and brickbats from the trade press, MillerCoors management agreed to take another look at their agreement (see below).
Their "brickbats and bouquets" page awarded a brickbat to the court and, the following week when the re-examination had been conducted, a bouquet to the Board.
The angry critics threw brickbats, sometimes even bricks, Unaware of the clever idea in the artist's box of tricks.