bridal wreath

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bridal wreath:

see spiraeaspiraea
, any plant of the genus Spiraea, Northern Hemisphere deciduous shrubs of the family Rosaceae (rose family). Most are indigenous to central and E Asia, whence come most of the popular ornamental species, e.g., the bridal wreath (S.
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From one side, the startlingly blue Salvia neurepia Oxford grabs you, from another the feathery Astilbe Bridal Wreath is what draws your eye.
Before I became a parent, I'd raise the shade and praise God for creating spring's pink peonies or summer's singing robins or autumn's multicolored Bridal Wreath bushes or winter's lacy ice patterns.
Using sharp pruners, cut budding branches of bridal wreath spiraea, flowering quince, forsythia, honeysuckle, pussywillow, and service-berry.