bride price

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bride price:

see marriagemarriage,
socially sanctioned union that reproduces the family. In all societies the choice of partners is generally guided by rules of exogamy (the obligation to marry outside a group); some societies also have rules of endogamy (the obligation to marry within a group).
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The elites' cattle wealth has also inflated bride price (Sommers and Schwartz 2011).
The Malvatumauri Council of Chiefs now needs to make this information known to the people of this Country as the bride price payment is still being practiced (p.
Both his discussion of a mundane exchange as well as of the bride price are illuminating in this context.
The sample suggests that dowry and bride price exists among Sparkhill South Asians.
Even when no bride price was paid, the bride received some wedding gifts in the Vedic age.
Bride price and the establishment of a home were fundamental to the practice of marriage.
But with the help of the local women's forum, funded by ActionAid to help girls stay in school and encourage women's participation in small enterprise, the elder's bride price was returned and the marriage contract rendered null and void.
The exchange of lobolo, or bride price, is supposed to be a long, formal process intricately knitting two families, but in this case the deal was swift, and Nonkululeko's grandmother, who opposed the match, was ignored.
Emecheta writes about the injustice of male prejudice and the inflexible social structures in her native country in The Bride Price without romanticizing about it.
Levirate so far is a well-intended solution to the sudden disarray of a young widow and spares the problem of paying the bride price for her new husband because she already belongs to the family.
Women migrants have experienced various levels of coercion: some leave voluntarily to help their families, who receive a bride price, while others are kidnapped, raped, and held in servitude.
The bride price and other things are usually done afterwards.