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He said: "More than 55,000 vehicles on average cross this part of the A55 each day and some of the joints linking the bridge deck are over 30 years old, so this work is now needed to ensure the road is safe and reliable for years to come.
Within the framework of the public contract, the existing bridge deck will be removed, the alien equipment, abutments and wings will be kept, the bottom, the base of the abutments will be repaired and the retaining walls on the removed bridge deck.
The work starting this week will cost PS170,000 and includes road re-surfacing, bridge deck waterproofing and fitting of new expansion joints on the northern viaduct span.
As part of a project consisting of two phases of research funded by the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT), MTRI assessed how UAS could monitor and automatically detect bridge deck spalls (potholes) using the optical high-resolution Nikon D810 and delaminations (voids within the bridge deck that are not visible) using a FOR Tau thermal camera.
Both got the same ratings: the bridge decks were in poor condition due to "advanced deterioration;" the superstructures, including decks and girders, were in fair condition with "minor section loss, cracks;" and the substructures, such as piers and abutments, were in good condition with "some minor problems."
Rail safety standards require a wide gap between bridge decks and the 25,000-volt overhead cables of electrified railways, to ensure that power will never leap across the void.
The partnership includes the full line of Terex Bid-Well concrete paving and placing equipment used for paving flatwork, overlays, parking lots, bridge decks, highways, airports, slopes and canals.
Summary of the verification tests conducted by RAIMS Goal: Evaluate technology for monitoring the fatigue degradation of bridges Testing period: July-August 2015 Testing summary: Acceleration test to recreate the process of fatigue degradation of bridge decks in simulation, using an actual-size bridge deck and heavy load equipment (weighted wheeled testing apparatus).
Hennepin County (Minn.) approval of such specification allowed construction crews to remove and replace the entire 1,000 feet of the Franklin Avenue Bridge deck in 17 weeks.
Bonding between pavement layers is an important factor for long term performance of asphalt concrete (AC) pavements and for the durability of bridge deck slabs.
Optimum design of FRP rib core bridge deck was proposed by Dey et al., 2013 [10].
He said: "We are moving into a really exciting phase of the bridgebuilding programme now as work is progressing in the river on the main pylon foundations, and the panels for the bridge deck are being delivered every day.