bridle path

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bridle path, riding trail

A path, cleared and compacted, reserved for riding horses and barred to vehicles.
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For three decades the place has been officially registered as a bridle path and I don't know which generous official decided to have it dedicated for horses.
The original, early 20th century look of Bridle Path is very much of its age, strangely modern with big windows and idiosyncratic horizontal glazing bars.
We now modify the model to make it more specific to flatfish by considering that herding is restricted to the portion of the bridle path in which the lower bridle is in contact with the bottom.
Police cordon off an area of a bridle path at the rear of Oaklands that runs between |Eastern Way and Old Station Court in Darras Hall, Ponteland
Her route took her eventually to Mill Terrace, Pantyfynnon, Ammanford, then to a bridle path where she could let her dog off the lead.
People living on the Wychall Farm Estate in Kings Norton claim Bromford Housing Group has destroyed mature trees along an ancient bridle path.
Bramwell owns Trillians Rock Bar on Newcastle's Princess Square, the Bridle Path in Whickham, the Pow Burn in North Shields, the Blagdon Arms in Cramlington, the Grey Horse in East Boldon, Whitehills and the Red Lion in Chester-le-Street, Chesters, Chaplins, Varsity and the Blue Bell in Sunderland, and Varsity in Durham.
Bramwell-owned pubs, clockwise from top left, the Grey Horse at East Boldon, the Blagdon Arms in Cramlington, the Bridle Path in Whickham >and the Pow Burn in North Shields.
SET in approximately a third of an acre, this secluded detached property is along a private road and bridle path between Binley Woods and Brandon.
The crash happened near the bridle path at Goitre Lane, Merthyr.
Hairdresser Kelly Hyde, 24, of Ammanford, was smashed to the ground in the brutal motiveless attack by Jones at a bridle path close to Mill Terrace last September.