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1. Law a document containing all the facts and points of law of a case by which a solicitor instructs a barrister to represent a client
2. RC Church a letter issuing from the Roman court written in modern characters, as contrasted with a papal bull; papal brief


An early text editor for DOS programming from Borland. It provided automatic indentation and the ability to edit different parts of a source program at the same time.
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Toward evening he aroused again for a brief moment.
This closing scene was brief but striking, for two trains of cars whizzed in from opposite sides, met with a terrible collision in the middle of the stage, and a general smash-up completed the word catastrophe.
A tent appeared, and pacing to and fro before it was a little sentinel, who, in a brief soliloquy, informed the observers that the elements were in a great state of confusion, that he had marched some hundred miles or so that day, and that he was dying for want of sleep.
So I, too, scratch the land with my brief endeavour and flash my name across a page of legal script ere I pass and the page grows musty.
This letter was brief enough, but it was freighted with a message of weighty import.
In the last chapter I shall give a brief recapitulation of the whole work, and a few concluding remarks.
Amid frequent and thoughtful endeavors to remember; amid earnest struggles to regather some token of the state of seeming nothingness into which my soul had lapsed, there have been moments when I have dreamed of success; there have been brief, very brief periods when I have conjured up remembrances which the lucid reason of a later epoch assures me could have had reference only to that condition of seeming unconsciousness.
A fearful idea now suddenly drove the blood in torrents upon my heart, and for a brief period, I once more relapsed into insensibility.
On June 19th, the BushAshcroft Justice Department filed another brief with the Fourth Circuit Court outlining a claim of presidential power that is breathtaking in its scope and bone-chilling in its implications.
IN BRIEF A straight couple (Alan Cumming and Jennifer Jason Leigh) celebrate their troubled marriage with an anniversary party, surrounded by a starry collection of pals including Kevin Kline, Phoebe Cares, Gwyneth Paltrow, Parker Posey, and out actor John Benjamin Hickey (Love
The attorney for Kathleen Gentry has until the end of the month to file an appellate brief on her behalf.
This paper is largely based on slightly over a hundred case files and printed briefs, mainly from Michigan, Iowa, and Illinois, but also from Kansas, West Virginia, and Washington.

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