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A Win95/WinNT utility for keeping files on two computers without permanent connection in sync.

The scenario briefcase was designed for is the combination of an office computer and a portable one. You connect the two before leaving your office, create a briefcase on the portable (if you don't already have one on it), then copy the files you want to work on while away into the briefcase. You can at this point disconnect the two computers, take the portable with you and work on the files in the briefcase at home or on the road. When you get back to your office the briefcase utility can automatically update the files you changed on the office computer.


In Windows 95/98, a system folder used for synchronizing files between two computers, typically a desktop and laptop computer. Files to be worked on are placed into a Briefcase, which is then transferred to the second machine via floppy, cable or network. The Briefcase is then brought back to the original machine after its contents have been edited on the second machine, and a special update function replaces the original files with the new ones.
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to part with even more cash, the company's Double Minister Briefcase -- hailed as 'arguably mankind's crowning briefcase achievement' by one reviewer -- crashes in at $6,765.
MTWTF 8:30 am -Drop-off JRCC Briefcase and Pharmacy Lockbox from Jamestown and Collect Service Mail (PO Box 5521 and 3100 Railroad Avenue) to NDSP Warehouse
The Saudis did not give Obama one of the briefcases, but the president received other gifts, including a medallion known as the King Abdul Aziz Order of Merit.
According to US-based political website , around a dozen White House staffers traveling with the US delegation received an alligator-skin briefcase from the Saudi royal family during their visit to the kingdom.
They explained that because the US and European countries have listed Hamas as a terrorist organization, it is impossible for the ruling Palestinian political party to transfer money through international banks, and that it must therefore resort to such methods of carrying cash in briefcases. They said this does not mean that the money is illegal.
He was wearing a suit and carrying a second briefcase.
Apparently the woman in question was still celebrating a birthday lunch in a pub at 3pm when her briefcase was filched.
"If someone approached you with a briefcase or mobile phone you would not feel threatened - and that's the whole point of these weapons.
The 62-year-old was reportedly wearing an Air Force uniform and was carrying a suspicious briefcase. When the authorities confronted the man, he put the briefcase down and refused to pick it back up.
Carlsbad, CA, February 12, 2016 --( MacCase, the creators of the Apple-specific case market has released the first images of it's forthcoming Premium Leather iPad Pro Briefcase. The horizontally oriented design is the first "handled" case for the California based company.
And Taoiseach Bertie Ahern sanctioned spending EUR20,000 on 734 briefcases for staff.