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"It 's dreadful long," began Tom; but his face brightened, for Polly's interest soothed his injured feelings, and he was glad to prove his elocutionary powers.
The Granarchists are to work with nursery and primary pupils to brighten up a wall across the road from Gilcomstoun School.
"What comes of it will be a really nice space that will brighten up the place, and people will stop to look."
A FLORIST has been leaving flowers in random spots across South Wales with just one aim - to brighten up someone's day.
She decided to use them to brighten people's days, wrapping flowers individually and leaving them on park benches or in city centres, with notes such as "Whoever you are, this is for you.
A group of determined mums are on a mission to brighten up their children's school playground.
Key ingredients include arbutin, a natural skin brightener proven to condition skin and promote an even skin tone; hexylresorcinol, which helps correct the appearance of hyperpigmentation and brighten skin in combination with topical exfoliants; and hexanoyl dipeptide-3, an exfoliating peptide that helps to shed damaged and pigmented skin.
Lala retro Whipped Cream PS60 Remedy for tired, skin with hyaluronic acid to help hydrate and brighten.
M2 EQUITYBITES-December 6, 2017-Cleantech Solutions to Acquire Majority Stake in Hong Kong's Brighten Holdings
Turner, 21, swears by the patches because she has"really bad circles" under her eyes and the patches help brighten her under-eye area.
The peach corrector is a lighter version of the orange corrector and is formulated to brighten dark under-eye circles on fair skin tones.
If you're not vying for the title 'whitest girl alive,' what you may be looking for are products that brighten your acne scars and other discoloration.