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Flemish painters, brothers. Mattys Brill (mä`tīs), 1550–83, went to Rome early in his career and executed frescoes for Gregory XIII in the Vatican. Paul Brill, 1554–1626, probably studied in Rome with his brother and succeeded him at the Vatican. His calm, well-observed landscapes exercised a great influence on Italian art. His works after 1600 show his mature style; the landscape elements are arranged like stage-set wings receding diagonally into depth, his brushwork is broader, and his atmospheric effects refined. His frescoes and oils are found in many Roman churches. Martyrdom of St. Clement (Vatican), against a seascape, is perhaps his best-known work. He often painted small landscapes on copper.
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a European food fish, Scophthalmus rhombus, a flatfish similar to the turbot but lacking tubercles on the body: family Bothidae
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With Brill as auctioneer, and more than 65 auction items, Old Sturbridge Village Gala Chairwoman Lisa Dalberth is expecting lively bidding and an entertaining auction, with all funds raised going to support the Village.
New York City, about whose public schools, teachers, and unions Brill learned a great deal in his research on the "rubber rooms," looms large in the accounts, and recurrently we are introduced to Joel Klein struggling with the union on a new contract.
Brill, the founder of The American Lawyer and CourtTV, hadn't done much reporting on public education before 2009, and his background (Deerfield Academy, Yale University, Yale Law School) is far removed from that of most public educators.
Brill focuses on the heart healthy diet--the Mediterranean Diet--which is backed up by hundreds of research studies.
Brill said content discusses issues of critical importance to the Middle East "without treating the region as a self-contained unit." Produced collaboratively by the University of Toronto Faculty of Law and Yale Law School, articles and commentaries are global in scope and intersect with issues related to history, politics, economics, religion, and culture as well as administrative, legal and international issues.
Brill acknowledges that wineries could do their own bottling, but says it isn't a trivial process.
Brill wanted to find a way for online content providers to make money from quality journalism -- other than from advertising revenue.
Launched in 1998, Brill's Content specialized in lengthy and often complex, in-your-face articles that spared media figures and government officials very little.
Presenting the facts of the case was "invaluable" at the bargaining table, Brill says.
"We sailed to sandbanks west of Jersey's Corbiere lighthouse, fishing on the drift for turbot and brill," David reports.
"Lieutenant Colonel Brill has worked extremely hard to reach this milestone," said Col.
Brill will be sold by the hard-up Hatters and both Palace's Neil Warnock - who's trying to move out keeper Scott Flinders to neighbours Millwall to create the vacancy - and Blades boss Bryan Robson want to take him on loan with a view to a full-time deal.