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Reflecting ongoing investment in R&D, content development, increased expenditure in sales and marketing, combined with the overhead of The Auction Channel, acquired in July 1999, Brilliant Digital reported a net loss of $(4,452,000), or $(0.
For the six months ended June 30, 2000, Brilliant Digital reported a net loss of $(8,669,000), or $(0.
which is fully funded by e-New Media, is an extension of a multi-faceted partnership that includes a strategic equity investment in Brilliant by e-New Media and the rights to distribute selected Brilliant content in territories in Asia.
Nasdaq: YHOO) Brilliant has developed a customized, co-branded version of its 3-D Digital Projector which links to several properties on the Yahoo
The joint venture will produce and distribute full screen Hip-Hop content for deployment on the Web utilizing a 5-year Alpha level license for Brilliant Digital's production tools.
Brilliant will also provide 3-D interactive, digitally animated entertainment content to Vidnet.
Brilliant System's electronic speaking dictionary and encyclopedia provides our customers in the Arab-speaking world with a handheld translation device that is convenient and simple to use," says George Chan from Brilliant System.
Brilliant System's portable electronic dictionary bundles the industry-leading Fonix DECtalk[R] text-to-speech (TTS) engine on powerful processor chips designed by Seiko Epson.
Brilliant System's device features the following dictionaries and reference tools:
Fonix gives manufacturers like Brilliant System the opportunity to integrate voice interfaces on limited-memory devices," says Walt Nawrocki, Senior VP and GM, Fonix Speech, Inc.