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Cats did not bring home invertebrates but five cats were seen to catch them (one spider, four dragonflies, and two moths).
The King also directed the government to bring home those who were injured in the accident to be treated at Jordanian hospitals, provided that their condition allows their transfer at this stage.
By November, we will bring home a Marine battalion that is now serving in Anbar province.
So at this time of year when many people are looking forward to their exotic holidays, may I, through your newspaper, urge everyone in Birmingham not to bring home wildlife keepsakes?
THE things they say - Richard Caborn, the Sports Minister: "All eyes will be on Germany 2006 when what I consider the best England team for a generation have the chance to bring home the most coveted trophy in sport - the World Cup.
Preparations are being made to bring home the body of a North-east woman killed in a terrorist bombing in Turkey.
They know how important these games are to us, and how hard we work all year to bring home a medal.
The school, which meets twice a week in the scout hut in Partridge Croft, Bell Green, is delighted with pupils who beat competition across the Midlands to bring home glory.
The United States exports business models, rotates its people overseas, but not long enough for them to become too friendly with the natives, the better to help bring home the profits to the homeland.
Those working in the City bring home an average of pounds 992.
2003), a man shouldn't have to bring home all of the bacon.
One hypothesis is that older siblings bring home infections, and these early infections protect the younger children.