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Yellow daisy-like flowers, mild painkiller, used for toothaches, arthritic pain, mild analgesic. Common desert shrub with brittle stems. (sometimes called Brittlebush). up to 3 ft (1m). Yellow brown resin collected from the base of the plant can be heated and used as glue. A different, more fragrant, gummy sort of clear yellow resin is collected from the upper stems, used as chewing gum or to seal pottery vessels. Smells similar to frankenscense. Branch can be used as a toothbrush by peeling off the bitter bark, no need for toothpaste. Leaves triangular, simple, alternate; silvery, gray or whitish.
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Coming down County Highway S22, the normally scrubby slopes glow yellow with blooming brittlebush.
html or 602/495-0222) provide miles of trails and spring-blooming brittlebush.
Plant natives that have low irrigation needs, like brittlebush or ceanothus, on the edges of your property, then spend your water on a more oasis-like planting closer to the house.
The furrows of the saguaros deepen, and wildflowers - orange poppies, purple lupine, and yellow brittlebush - regain the mellow richness that the bleaching midday light had stolen from them hours earlier.
Slopes in the area have spectacular displays of golden-petaled brittlebush a bit later, and the magnificent blossoms of cactus, including barrel cactus, are the last to flower, starting around April.
March brings brittlebush, lupine, sun cups, wild snapdragon, California poppy, bush poppy, pearly everlasting, monkey flower, shooting stars, phacelia, rockrose, and blue dicks.