broadband antenna

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broadband antenna

[′brȯd‚band an′ten·ə]
An antenna that functions satisfactorily over a wide range of frequencies, such as for all 12 very-high-frequency television channels.
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Broadband Antenna


an antenna whose main parameters and characteristics do not vary substantially over a rather wide frequency band. Broadband antennas are used to transmit, receive, or transmit and receive radio signals with a wide frequency spectrum, for example, in television, radar, or radio astronomy.

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broadband antenna

A radio antenna that transmits and receives a broad range of frequencies.
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The evolution of the proposed broadband antenna is shown in Figure 4, with the corresponding simulated reflection coefficients presented in Figure 5.
28 December 2016 - US-based RF components and cable assemblies supplier Infinite Electronics has acquired Canadian broadband antennas and accessories manufacturer KP Performance Antennas, the company said.
Ali, "Ultra-thin UHF broadband antenna on a non-uniform aperiodic (NUA) metasurface," IEEE Antennas and Propagation Magazine, Vol.
Nevertheless, recently developed broadband antennas span a wide range of frequencies such as 30 MHz to 2 GHz for the Corn-Power Combi-Log Model AC-220.
From left, Nicholas Moate of Midven, Vito Levi d'Ancona, chief executive of Phasor Solutions, and Richard Mayo, CTO, Phasor Solutions, examine a prototype of the new high-speed mobile broadband antenna during assembly
Under the terms of the agreement the parties are to establish the joint venture CETC23-C2SAT, which will manufacture and sell C2SAT's stabilised broadband antenna systems in China.
In the coming generation of mobile communications, multimedia services will be provided by a mobile handset, which must therefore be equipped with a broadband antenna. It is well known, however, that the smaller the size of the antenna, the lower the antenna efficiency and the narrower the bandwidth.
The broadband antenna design is based upon a patented stacked aperture-coupled patch technology that provides high isolation performance and excellent VSWR.
In the case of JTRS radios, which will operate on frequencies from 2 MHz to 2 GHz, the need for a truly broadband antenna for such an enormous range of frequencies is extremely daunting.
The DCR-Q is a side-mounted broadband antenna that was initially developed through a customer request to support nine FM stations.

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