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Table 24: Leading Broadband Service Providers in China
Affinegy LLC provides network management software solutions for broadband service providers and network equipment manufacturers that reduce the complexity and cost of deploying broadband and wireless services or products to residential and selected business markets.
VoIP represents a small percentage of bandwidth, but a very large revenue opportunity for broadband service providers," said Lindsay Schroth, senior analyst, Broadband Access Technologies, Yankee Group.
The company has established strategic distribution relationships with leading carriers and broadband service providers including Belgacom, BellSouth, Covad Communications, EarthLink, eircom, Hong Kong Telecom/PCCW, MegaPath Networks, Netifice, SBC Communications, Swisscom, and Verizon.
Yummy's innovative platform is being marketed to broadband carriers worldwide, and is currently deployed with leading broadband service providers in North America and Asia.
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