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Analog terrestrial broadcasting has already used up much of the frequency spectrum available and some of it needs to be "moved" elsewhere before broadcasters start digitalizing.
* The Fowler Report results in the Broadcasting Act, which establishes the Board of Broadcast Governors (BBG) to regulate all Canadian broadcasting and sets the stage for the licensing of private broadcasters.
And so I worked a little harder and realized that it would be my opinions that would impact my broadcasting career.
The broadcasting industry has come to recongnize Deverell's contribution: last year she was a winner of the Gemini Canada Award.
It would monitor UK broadcasting institutions and act as a focus for public debate.
NHK, Japan's public broadcasting company, expects to sign a contract with a Chinese enterprise in the near future to sell digital broadcast monitoring equipment through the Chinese company, the sources said.
Austin, (Texas)-based Marketfinders, a market research company, expects publishing applications to contribute more than one quarter of fax broadcasting revenues to fax service bureaus in the U.S.
The owners responded by forming their own trade organization, the National Association of Broadcasting (NAB), which then took the lead in opposing the fee demands.
Accordingly, Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich has stated that, in his role as speaker, he can and will single-handedly block any new appropriation for public broadcasting from coming to the House floor.
The authors first sketch the framework of broadcasting in Britain, explaining how the service grew from an organization that was established at the behest of the British Post Office.
This article examines satellite broadcasting and computer-based training.

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