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If your company suffers from the "brogrammer" culture that may make a woman or minority feel like an outsider, you're going to have a hard time keeping that hire.
Consider it the beverage of choice for the brogrammer playing video games in his underwear.
Scarfing down Jolly Ranchers, quoting Nabokov and showing up to formal events wearing a white blazer and sneakers, Eisenberg tackles Luthor as the brogrammer from hell, a chattily malevolent presence who provides the only real moments of levity in the film.
But not everyone in tech is a 25-year-old brogrammer. There are singles and couples and families who are putting down roots: patronizing local businesses, volunteering in the community, sending their children to neighborhood schools.
Prime also tries to change the industry to make it more diverse and kinder than the culture of the "brogrammer" on display in movies like "The Social Network" or television shows like HBO's "Silicon Valley."
Her coding prowess recently landed her on Forbes' "30 under 30" and Fast Company's 2015 list of the "most creative people in business." Despite her success, she's more than passingly familiar with the obstacles the Valley's sausage fest creates for women--from brogrammer pickup lines to biased hiring and promotion.
Thus, the winners of Hackathon competition based project organized by Barama Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center by Azercell Telecom LLC and supported by PASHA Bank in Azerbaijan are as following: 1st place "Dev adamlar", 2nd place "Brogrammers", 3rd place "Web's Dragons"
The plan to hold America's first sextech hackathon wasn't hatched by Silicon Valley brogrammers between swigs of beer and writing code.
Abu Dhabi based company, BROgrammers LLC has launched a new "social discovery app" which will "reward those who value real-life interaction".
Beer and sports with a hint of "nerd" and a dash of "fist-pumping," "brogrammers" ("bros" + programmers) are the latest version of Revenge of the Nerds, if the nerds actually were jocks or vice versa, at some point.