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THE most powerful current production Mercedes-Benz, the SL 55 AMG, broke cover at Frankfurt.
Daniel broke cover to draw the fire away from colleagues several times, including when they were treating a wounded friend, who sadly later died.
The controversial 70-year-old broke cover to speak exclusively to Record Sport last night after seeing his name linked with Green's anonymous 20-strong consortium.
THE Invisible Man of the campaign, Tory Shadow Chancellor George Osborne, finally broke cover this week, and with a new toff's hairstyle straight out of central casting: Little Lord Fauntleroy meets Lord Snooty.
GLASVEGAS frontman James Allan broke cover in his hometown last night - to go on a booze bender with a Bunnyman.
Backbenchers, discontented that Mr Prescott had been allowed to keep his Cabinet seat, his pounds 133,000 ministerial salary and two state-funded homes, broke cover after the publication of pictures showing him playing croquet on the lawn of his country retreat Dorneywood.
The Ibrox club's disgraced owner broke cover last night as administrators worked towards selecting a 'preferred bidder' from the three separate takeover parties at the table.
The Lib Dem leader, who is so unpopular he has kept a low profile in the alternative vote campaign, broke cover to sing the praises of AV yesterday.