broken arrow

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broken arrow

The error code displayed on line 25 of a IBM 3270 terminal (or a terminal emulator emulating a 3270) for various kinds of protocol violations and "unexpected" error conditions (including connection to a down computer). On a PC, simulated with "->/_", with the two centre characters overstruck.

"Broken arrow" is also military jargon for an accident involving nuclear weapons.

Broken Arrow

a series depicting Indian–white man exploits. [TV: Terrace, I, 122]
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CDI handles all phases of its product line --from concept to design, prototyping, and manufacturing--at the Broken Arrow location.
Sue Herrington, a veteran bus driver for Broken Arrow Public Schools, explained to the Ledger that they did their best to make JoJo comfortable and keep him safe on the school bus.
In September 1956, when Broken Arrow debuted, The Lone Ranger was entering its seventh and final season, also on ABC.
Brent Holtzauer, a First Community loan officer; has transferred to Broken Arrow to manage the new branch, as has a customer service rep.
The first dentist with whom I worked was Ronald Lamb, DMD, from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, who had brought along a member of his dental team, a dental hygienist named Laurie.
Link has its headquarters operation in Arlington, TX and other key bases of operation in Binghamton, NY, Orlando, FL, Broken Arrow, OK, and Phoenix, AZ.
Eager to create their own identity, the Northeastern State University at Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, Student Branch became the first recognized student organization on the new campus.
CAMPBELLS COUNTRY play tonight the Broken Arrow Country and Western Club at Bedworth Liberal Club.
The jockey was successful aboard the Ron Hodges-trained pair King Of The Castle and Vincent Van Gogh in the colours of Robert Hitchens, and then landed both divisions of the bumper, on Broken Arrow and Farmer Jack.
I live approximately 10 miles north of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.