broken arrow

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broken arrow

The error code displayed on line 25 of a IBM 3270 terminal (or a terminal emulator emulating a 3270) for various kinds of protocol violations and "unexpected" error conditions (including connection to a down computer). On a PC, simulated with "->/_", with the two centre characters overstruck.

"Broken arrow" is also military jargon for an accident involving nuclear weapons.

Broken Arrow

a series depicting Indian–white man exploits. [TV: Terrace, I, 122]
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AAMCO Broken Arrow opened its doors on June 14 offering area drivers a high-quality auto repair experience including seasonal offers and discounts.
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Various Methods Including Rail, and Alternative Transport Systems to be Studied by Lockwood, Andrews & Newman of Dallas, Garber Engineering of Tulsa and Striegel of Broken Arrow
To reach the minimum international range of 30 meters, he backs up through the garage, down the driveway and onto the street named, coincidentally, Broken Arrow.