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broken arrow

The error code displayed on line 25 of a IBM 3270 terminal (or a terminal emulator emulating a 3270) for various kinds of protocol violations and "unexpected" error conditions (including connection to a down computer). On a PC, simulated with "->/_", with the two centre characters overstruck.

"Broken arrow" is also military jargon for an accident involving nuclear weapons.
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Broken Arrow

a series depicting Indian–white man exploits. [TV: Terrace, I, 122]
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In the mid-1950s, however, although still trading at times on the Noble Savage trope (as did the 1950 movie on which it was based), ABC-TV's Broken Arrow (1956-1958) tried to break this mold, presenting Native American characters--the Chiracahua Apaches--in a realistic and reasonable manner.