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common name for plants of the family Bromeliaceae (pineapplepineapple,
common name for one member of and for the Bromeliaceae, a family of chiefly epiphytic herbs and small shrubs native to the American tropics and subtropics. The spiny leaves of various species of the genus Ananas
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During the midst of this record-breaking winter, those concerned with bromeliad conservation wondered if such extreme weather conditions could have an adverse effect on the Mexican bromeliad weevil population, perhaps to the extent of diminishing the damage to the bromeliads by the weevil.
Maternal care in the bromeliad crab, Metopaulias depressus: protection of larvae from predation by damselfly nymphs.
For each bromeliad we recorded in situ its weight (Birtman, 12 kg scale), length of the longest leaf (leaf length), and total number of leaves.
ornata belong to the bromeliad at the Center of Agricultural Sciences (CCA) of the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC), Florianopolis, Santa Catarina State, Brazil.
More than a dozen varieties of bromeliads dot the property.
6 m above ground inside a bromeliad that surrounded the trunk of the tree.
One of the purposes of the BSI (that means you, the members--there is no one else involved) is to promote and maintain interest in the preservation of bromeliads.
Most studies of arthropods living inside bromeliads do not show specificity for particular bromeliad species (Richardson 1999; Ospina-Bautista et al.
Every plant is a member of a family and a genus, and in this case, an air plant's genus is Tillandsia, which is part of the larger Bromeliad family.