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common name for plants of the family Bromeliaceae (pineapplepineapple,
common name for one member of and for the Bromeliaceae, a family of chiefly epiphytic herbs and small shrubs native to the American tropics and subtropics. The spiny leaves of various species of the genus Ananas
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Dominic, via email Bromeliads die after flowering - but produce babies for next year AWORMERIES are a great way to create compost while reducing the amount of waste you send to landfill.
It is a revision and expansion of the prior version of Bromeliad; some of the composition's material is taken from the composer's Suite Botanica (2010).
President Rodrigo Duterte, ex-wife Elizabeth Zimmerman-Duterte, and Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte were honored by new cultivars of Bromeliad, upon the application of local cultivator Joan Onari.
Little is known about the relationship between Enicocephalidae and plants as bromeliads, except for studies in Brazil and Peru, where the family Enicocephalidae have been reported living in Vriesea inflata (Wawra) Wawra and Tillandsia spp.
During the midst of this record-breaking winter, those concerned with bromeliad conservation wondered if such extreme weather conditions could have an adverse effect on the Mexican bromeliad weevil population, perhaps to the extent of diminishing the damage to the bromeliads by the weevil.
--, 1997.--Maternal control of calcium concentration in the larval nursery of the bromeliad crab, Metopaulias depressus (Grapsidae).
The relationship between body size and population size in bromeliad tank fauna.
More than a dozen varieties of bromeliads dot the property.