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see pneumoniapneumonia
, acute infection of one or both lungs that can be caused by a bacterium, usually Streptococcus pneumoniae (also called pneumococcus; see streptococcus), or by a virus, fungus, or other organism.
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lobular pneumonia, a form of lung inflammation characterized by affection of the smallest bronchi and by transmission of the inflammatory process to the lung tissue. The inflammatory process in bronchopneumonia is focal in character. Bronchopneumonia may be a manifestation of several infections (influenza, plague, tularemia, and others); it may also be a complication of noninfectious diseases (myocardial infarct, tumors, and so forth).


Inflammation of the lungs which has spread from infected bronchi. Also known as lobular pneumonia.
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Gross and microscopic examination revealed bronchopneumonia, cirrhosis, and disseminated cytomegalovirus.
In the last days of her dementia and bronchopneumonia she had somebody with her night and day for six days.
Freddie died in 1991 of bronchopneumonia brought on by AIDS.
Having treated Mr Wood for bronchopneumonia, staff at the hospital eventually came to the conclusion that he was unlikely to survive the disease.
A post-mortem found Lucy died of bronchopneumonia due to septicaemia.
Huw Lloyd Jones was admitted to Ysbyty Glan Clwyd in June 2008, finally passing away from bronchopneumonia on July 4.
Friends say he died on Saturday at north London's Royal Free Hospital of bronchopneumonia.
The motion highlights the case of the Maypole Nursing Home, noting "the death in just one year of 28 elderly people at the home, the owners having certified that 80 per cent of these deaths were from bronchopneumonia despite a lack of medical records or other evidence in support.
Mr West died in hospital on August 6 from bronchopneumonia and paralysis brought on by his injuries.
On her death certificate, it is recorded that Mrs Bartlett died from bronchopneumonia.
The inquest heard how the 66-year-old died from bronchopneumonia caused by a chest infection.
He gave the medical cause of death as acute asthma, with cardiac arrhythmia - a problem with the rate or rhythm of the heartbeat - also possibly contributing, following the onset of bronchopneumonia.