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see pneumoniapneumonia
, acute infection of one or both lungs that can be caused by a bacterium, usually Streptococcus pneumoniae (also called pneumococcus; see streptococcus), or by a virus, fungus, or other organism.
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lobular pneumonia, a form of lung inflammation characterized by affection of the smallest bronchi and by transmission of the inflammatory process to the lung tissue. The inflammatory process in bronchopneumonia is focal in character. Bronchopneumonia may be a manifestation of several infections (influenza, plague, tularemia, and others); it may also be a complication of noninfectious diseases (myocardial infarct, tumors, and so forth).

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Inflammation of the lungs which has spread from infected bronchi. Also known as lobular pneumonia.
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He added that Mrs Purcell's bronchopneumonia was linked to her lying in the same position for an extended time on the dirty bed.
Common diagnoses referred to in medical records (N=454) Hospital HCM, HGM, Total, Diagnosis n (%) n (%) N (%) Bronchopneumonia 60 (26.2) 106 (47.1) 166 (36.6) Malaria 20 (8.7) 35 (15.6) 55 (12.1) Fever 14 (6.1) 9 (4.0) 23 (5.1) Sepsis 14 (6.1) 7 (3.1) 21 (4.6) Acute gastroenteritis 17 (7.4) 3 (1.3) 20 (4.4) Multiple (undefined) 84 (36.7) 54 (24.0) 138 (30.4) Other * 20 (8.7) 11 (4.9) 31 (6.8) Total 229(100) 225(100) 454(100) HCM = Hospital Central de Maputo; HGM = Hospital Geral de Mavalane.
Micrograph showing fibrinopurulent bronchopneumonia (H&EX400)
(7) et al reported lower (46.4%) incidence of H1N1 bronchopneumonia among females; 25% (n-7) of our patients were in the peripartum period and their mortality was 100%.
[5,6] However, patchy necrotizing bronchopneumonia, pulmonary thrombo-emboli, bronchitis associated with diffuse alveolar damage should rise suspicious of Novel H1N1 infection.
The inquest heard how the 66-year-old died from bronchopneumonia caused by a chest infection.
Her medical history revealed that she had been hospitalized with a diagnosis of bronchiolitis and/or bronchopneumonia for five times during the last year.
Mercury died of bronchopneumonia brought on by AIDS on November 24 in 1991.
He had died of bronchopneumonia brought on by AIDS on November 24, 1991, only one day after publicly acknowledging he had the disease.
The clinical diagnoses of patients providing HBoV-positive samples included pneumonia (63.1%), bronchitis (14.9%), bronchopneumonia (12.8%), and acute asthmatic bronchopneumonia (9.2%).
She suffered a broken left hip and developed bronchopneumonia as a result of the accident on May 14.
Post-mortem studies showed bronchopneumonia that could have originated from aspiration.