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Heavily infested by insects.
The young of animals.
To incubate eggs or cover the young for warmth.
An animal kept for breeding.
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the young members of a family of birds or mammals (hatchlings, litters). Sometimes the term also refers to the offspring and both parents or one (in polygamous species). The number of young animals in the brood or litter varies greatly from species to species, depending upon their fertility; for example, birds can have from one to 24 hatchlings, and mammals can have from one to 20 young. Even within one species the number of young can vary; in particular, it depends upon the climatic conditions of the year and other such factors.

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| Supreme horse Tawelfan Maisie, a Cob brood mare shown with her champioTawelfan Urddasol by Dafydd and Eleri Roberts, Coedpoeth, plus the judges on foal
Fairways Rosebowl for best Clydesdale brood mare: E.S.
Sage co-founder and multimillionaire Wylie said: "I bought her as a brood mare and, as horses like this don't come around very often, we're happy to get her.
He described Carrie as a 'brood mare' and said he would 'bare his backside' if she won.
Each win netted the owners pounds 2,000 in prize money - but Material World could be worth up to pounds 100,000 if she goes to stud as a brood mare.
Section A brood mare Shamrock Silk Hortensia defied high winds and stray balloons to ensure the title stayed on Anglesey.
Heading the Welsh breeds in the horse and pony section was the ten-year-old Section A brood mare, the grey Crumpwell Blue Violet, owned by Jane Evans and Catherine Owen and shown with her filly foal.
The latest hypocritical example is that the Queen has just bought an additional (additional!) brood mare to her stud for pounds 500,000.
"It's great for him, he has done very well with a small brood mare band.
Brood mare, with foal at foot, 4 years old & over 1 Mrs Mulcany, 2 Mrs S Lister.
The 15-year-old brood mare had been due to foal in three weeks.
Awarded the reserve Section D championship was Rhencullen Princess, a 12-year-old dark bay brood mare from A & JES Pearce, St Clears.