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Heavily infested by insects.
The young of animals.
To incubate eggs or cover the young for warmth.
An animal kept for breeding.



the young members of a family of birds or mammals (hatchlings, litters). Sometimes the term also refers to the offspring and both parents or one (in polygamous species). The number of young animals in the brood or litter varies greatly from species to species, depending upon their fertility; for example, birds can have from one to 24 hatchlings, and mammals can have from one to 20 young. Even within one species the number of young can vary; in particular, it depends upon the climatic conditions of the year and other such factors.

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Equipment checkAfter confirming that the equipment capabilities meet the number of chicks to be placed, install the necessary brooding equipment and check that they are functional.
Analysis of As (III) bio-accumulation in our recent study revealed adverse effects on the health conditions of birds since it results in decreased body weight, decreased feed consumption, decreased feed conversion, higher mortality rate and lowered core internal body temperature within first 14 days of brooding period [19].
The only significant negative impact of hypoxia that we noted was the abandonment of brood tubes by some of the mothers (7 abandonments out of 31 brooding mothers).
Secondary goals were to determine if there was a difference in brooding by site and time and to describe temporal change in larval development.
As far as we are aware, these are the first confirmed records of double brooding in Arctic populations of Northern Wheatears or in any other Arctic-breeding passerines, with the possible exception of rare and geographically marginal cases in the Common Redpoll.
Based on our calculations, the eggshells of Troodon were very similar to those of brooding birds, which tells us that this dinosaur did not completely bury its eggs in nesting materials like crocodiles do," study co-author Zelenitsky, assistant professor of geosciences, (http://www.
Brooding behavior of most of the genera of Belostomatinae species includes three basic patterns: surface -- brooding, brooding pumping and brood stroking (Volker 1968, Smith 1976a, b, 1979, 1997, Kopelke 1982, Venkatesan 1983, Jawale and Ranade 1988, Schnack et al.
coop in the evenings (except the OEG bantam hen brooding her natural well protected and hidden nest on a storage shelf behind a door.
1 We must effectively manage the mental aspect of our game: stop brooding, sulking, and ruminating, and combat our negative thinking with discipline and wholesome distractions -- allowing our positive thinking and attitudes to color and direct our actions.
A new Palais de Justice, in Nantes, is a brooding presence on the banks of the Loire and the latest in a series of regional law courts in France.
Thus, the productivity and structure of the surrounding forest stands may also differ, providing a better brooding habitat for grouse.