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Heavily infested by insects.
The young of animals.
To incubate eggs or cover the young for warmth.
An animal kept for breeding.
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the young members of a family of birds or mammals (hatchlings, litters). Sometimes the term also refers to the offspring and both parents or one (in polygamous species). The number of young animals in the brood or litter varies greatly from species to species, depending upon their fertility; for example, birds can have from one to 24 hatchlings, and mammals can have from one to 20 young. Even within one species the number of young can vary; in particular, it depends upon the climatic conditions of the year and other such factors.

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Keeping in view the above discussion, the present study was conducted to investigate the effect of different brooding systems on growth performance, blood glucose and cholesterol, and economic efficiency in three broiler strains.
Of those, 36% (n = 10) did not have a brooding female present (or was present and then disappeared), and the crevices (n = 10) all contained potential predators of green salamander eggs.
Below is an example of partial house brooding for chicks.
Mean of all the observed values taken after 1st, 7th and 14th brooding day were calculated for both the anti-coagulated and serum blood samples for the two flocks.
lurida behave in this unique environment (but see Wasson 2010), and none of these studies, to our knowledge, have evaluated brooding activity in tidal lagoons.
Nevertheless, only three cases of double brooding were detected among the 20 first clutches (15%) that were estimated to have been started by 7 June in 2009-11.
There were two possibilities - either they hatched their offspring in eggs completely buried in nest materials, like crocodiles or in eggs in open or non-covered nests, like brooding birds.
This is unlike brooding birds which don't bury their eggs; consequently, their eggs have far fewer pores.
WITH his dark intensity and reputation for lonely brooding, Gordon Brown has been compared to Heathcliff - the anti-hero of Wuthering Heights, perhaps Britain's the bestloved novel.
days here in the hotel room where pleasure is revealed as a brooding in