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Heavily infested by insects.
The young of animals.
To incubate eggs or cover the young for warmth.
An animal kept for breeding.
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the young members of a family of birds or mammals (hatchlings, litters). Sometimes the term also refers to the offspring and both parents or one (in polygamous species). The number of young animals in the brood or litter varies greatly from species to species, depending upon their fertility; for example, birds can have from one to 24 hatchlings, and mammals can have from one to 20 young. Even within one species the number of young can vary; in particular, it depends upon the climatic conditions of the year and other such factors.

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In one room, an 18-foot-tall plaster and concrete jail cell hovers broodingly on one wall.
Image: Exotic, broodingly handsome character actor and leading man Best known for: Gladiator Early life: Djimon Hounsou was born in Cotonou, Benin, the son of Albertine and Pierre Hounsou, a cook.
It boasts a first rate cast with the broodingly sexy Aidan Turner, pictured, fresh from playing a vampire in BBC3's Being Human as Dante Gabriel Rossetti, notorious for seducing his models.
Also making us feel a bit swoony is a case--the original wooden case--of Chateau Leovile Barton 2000 Bordeaux, which Wine Advocate described as "enormous, even monstrous in the mouth, with tremendous extraction, broodingly backward, dense flavors, and copious tannins."
Here and there, darkly patinated Victorian bronzes of fauns, satyrs, and satanic figures offset the staid geometry of the furniture and added to the broodingly elegant yet slightly macabre atmosphere.
In A ModestProposal the projector's erratic tone, shifting frequently from broodingly melancholy and droolingly gloating to cloyingly modest, invites us to identify him with the ogre in European fairy tales.
When Sir John Mennes, the Comptroller of the Navy, wants to deprive him of his best lodging chamber and access to the terrace, Pepys, though realizing it is not worth a big fuss, observes broodingly that it "does wex me so much, that for all this evening and all night in my bed, so great a fool I am and little master of my passion that I could not sleep for the thoughts of my losing the leads and other things which in themselves are small and not worth half the trouble." Again, he agonizes over this, as over so many things, for weeks.
They covered many JJ Cale songs, including Cocaine, which featured a thickly textured solo from Neil, Call Me The Breeze and the broodingly intense Sensitive Kind.
It is incomplete: abstract-fashion, it carries the bare minimum of the detail that was to amplify itself so largely and broodingly over The Navidson Record.
By focusing on the reception of the common law in a particular state, Iredell articulated a theory by which a broodingly omnipresent version of the common law shared with other states could operate within each state as a matter of positive state law.
The sexy striker is not only broodingly beautiful, but he has the kind of torso most women - and men -can only dream about.
Scully's work, however, is more broodingly romantic than either of these artists'.