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see sorghumsorghum,
tall, coarse annual (Sorghum bicolor) of the family Poaceae (grass family), somewhat similar in appearance to corn (but having the grain in a panicle rather than an ear) and used for much the same purposes.
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Morphological and physiological responses of broomcorn millet seedlings to drought stress.
The findings push back the dates of the two crops' first appearance in Central Asia, suggesting that the herders transported bread wheat from west to east and broomcorn millet from east to west.
Broomcorn is not really corn, but a type of sorghum that grows well wherever corn can be grown.
After a brief conversation, we agreed that this machine should definitely be in the broomcorn museum display.
Separate models for each area were conducted to predict chloroform, bromodichloromethane, dibromochloromethane, broomcorn, and total THM and to assign a concentration to the distribution system of the municipality where women resided.
"In the 1780s, Benjamin Franklin traveled in Hungary," says Martin, "and he found broomcorn, brought it back to the United Sates and planted the seed."
bicolor Race bicolor (broomcorn) PI408820 China 66.9 kafir ATX623 USA 90.0 caudatum P954063 Ethiopia 8.75 caudatum-kafir SC414-12E Sudan 21.4 Sorghum bicolor subsp.
I pulled peanuts in Texas and broomcorn in New Mexico.
The bulk of her catalogues, however, have names like Plough and Hearth or Fin and Feather, featuring broomcorn centerpieces, hammered-copper log boxes, pool covers, birdbaths and welcome mats.
Sudangrass, grain sorghum, forage sorghum, broomcorn [all Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench] (Fryrear 1963), pearl millet [Pennisetum americanum (L.) K.
David Hobson (R., Ohio): Special protection for flat glass and broomcorn, both produced in his district.
There is broomcorn, a small-seeded type, which can be grown for grain but is best known as the traditional source of broom fiber.