rudbeckia hirta

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black-eyed susan

black-eyed susan

Yellow flowers in the sunflower family with very dark brown center. Long pointy hairy leaves. Sometimes called “Yellow Echinacea” because of it’s shape and immune system-boosting properties. Root tea used to expel worms. Astringent, diuretic. Roots can be used like Echinacea, but not seed heads.
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I act like the brown betty is too hot in my mouth and I take a long time sucking in air and letting it cool before I swallow it.
Lee recently had opened a second restaurant, Brown Betty's Cafe, in a Whiteaker building owned by NEDCO.
There are numerous versions of Apple Brown Betty, each having a slightly different character, depending on additions, alterations, and regional inflections.
Top off any meal with the delicious Apple Brown Betty Cake from Umanoff & Parsons.
Price & Kensington is a 100-year-old Stoke-on-Trent pottery line famous for colorful Brown Betty shaped teapots, as well as tea mugs, tea canisters, tea caddies and tea accessories.
BROWN Betty (Nee Moore) Peacefully in hospital after a short illness, Betty of Fairfield, Stockton, dearest wife of Norman, much loved mam to Carole, Patricia and Jackie, dear mother in law to Dave, Jack and Dave, loving grandma to Jill, Lee, Paul, David, Scott and Anthony, great grandma to Daniel, Natalie, Ethan and Joseph.
The company was lured to the district by the quickening commercial pace in the four-block district, which in the past year has seen the coming of Brown Betty's Cafe, Pizza Research Institute, One Cup Cafe, the lingerie shop olivejuice and the plant store Living Arts Botanicals.
When reached by cell phone, the new concert series promoter was out shopping at antique stores for decor for Brown Betty's Cafe, another commercial spinoff in his growing cluster of Blair Boulevard businesses.
You have a Brown Betty teapot made by Oxford Pottery Company in Cambridge, Ohio.
In pies, cobblers, crisps, brown bettys, bombes or just crunchy right off the tree apples are great!
Brown Bettys were one of his earliest teapots and were made from red clay with a dark-brown finish.