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common name for several species of fish. See catfishcatfish,
common name applied to members of the fish families constituting the order Siluriformes, found in fresh and coastal waters. Catfish are named for the barbels ("whiskers") around their mouths and have scaleless skins, fleshy, rayless posterior fins, and sharp defensive
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; sculpinsculpin,
common name for a member of the superfamily Cottoidea, bizarre fishes with large, spiny or armored heads and short, tapering bodies, found in both marine and freshwater habitats. The sculpins include species known as muddlers (i.e.
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danilewskyi strain FCc-1 was unable to produce infection in the fish hosts like brown bullhead (I.
While the benthic substrate of Cayuga Marsh supported few species and was structurally simple, direct feeding by large fish such as brown bullhead did not significantly affect abundances of organisms in lower trophic levels.
Fishing: Bluegill, brown bullhead, crappie, largemouth bass, carp, cutthroat trout.
1991) have documented a stressor-response effect between PAH-contaminated sediments and incidence of liver neoplasia in brown bullheads.
In the Florence area, Sutton, Mercer, Munsel, Woahink, Siltcoos and Tahkenitch lakes offer good opportunities for largemouth bass, perch, bluegill, crappie and brown bullhead.
When we check eagle nests at Quabbin for fish heads, tails, scales and other evidence, it's evident their first choice, bar none, is the brown bullhead, or horned pout, and their second choice is the chain pickerel.
Of the three species of bullhead that call New York home--yellow, black and brown--the brown bullhead is the species most commonly caught by anglers.
Bluegill, crappie, brown bullhead and yellow perch are congregating in shallower water for spawning.
New York State waters are home to several catfish species, including the channel catfish, white catfish, brown bullhead, yellow bullhead and black bullhead.
Many also have bluegill and brown bullhead fisheries.
Lakes and reservoirs: The Tenmile Lakes are a good spot for yellow perch, crappie, bluegill, brown bullhead and largemouth bass at this time of year.