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A pneumoconiosis caused by the inhalation of cotton dust. Also known as brown lung disease.



a pulmonary disease, related to the pneumoconiosis group of conditions which arise from prolonged inspiration of cotton dust. Byssinosis may develop in workers at flax processing plants. It is distinguished from other forms of pneumoconiosis by the presence of bronchitis and emphysema accompanied by very weak development of connective tissues.

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Botsch organizes his study into eight chapters, the first three of which provide the background necessary to understand the political and cultural context of Southern textile communities and workers, and the policy status of brown lung as a workplace-related disease.
Once having thus set the stage, Botsch dissects the Brown Lung Association itself, elaborating on the organizers' orientations towards political activism and their concerns about the institutional life and governance of the BLA.
From this community organizing movement emerged a remarkable effort to organize southern victims of brown lung disease.
A 1971 article by Ralph Nader that coined the term "brown lung" disease to describe an occupational malady first diagnosed in 1877 alerted the nation to the dangers of cotton dust.
As a result of cotton dust accumulation, the workers get brown lungs and suffer from illness known as byssinosis (Baillargeon et al., 1998).