browser engine

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browser engine

The underlying software that turns HTML pages into the Web page the user sees. A browser engine includes the programming interface (API) and the rendering engine, which converts HTML and JavaScript into text and images for the screen and printer. Also called a "layout engine," a browser engine is also used by email programs that support HTML (most do), as well as other applications that render Web content. Following is a sampling of most browsers. See API, HTML, JavaScript, HTML email and render.

                    Browser   RenderingBrowser             Engine     Engine

 Internet Explorer   Trident    Trident 
 AOL Explorer        Trident    Trident 

 Firefox             Gecko      Gecko   

 Safari              Webkit     WebKit  

 Chrome as of V28    Chromium   Blink   
 Chrome up to V27    Chromium   WebKit  
 Edge as of V80      Chromium   Blink   
 Edge up to V79      Microsoft  EdgeHTML

 Opera as of V15     Chromium   Blink   
 Opera up to V14     Opera      Presto  

 Konqueror           KHTML      KHTML   

 Brave               Chromium   Blink   

 Vivaldi             Chromium   Blink   

 Android browsers    Chromium   Blink   
 iOS browsers        Chromium   WebKit  
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Also, LEADTOOLS is now leveraging the WebKit browser engine to handle HTML files on Linux and MacOS systems to ensure the resulting output is exactly what the user expects.
Everything from the UI (now codenamed Photon) to the underlying browser engine (Servo) has been built new, from the ground up.
The company delivered the browser engine in the Nintendo Wii, and also enabled the "world's first" smart TV, launched by Philips.
These are just some examples of the thousands of large and small interoperability changes that have been made to the new browser engine. During development, Microsoft Edge has consistently been more interoperable with the broader Web than any previous Microsoft browser.
ACCESS CO., LTD, has launched NetFront Browser BE, built on the Chromium Blink browser engine, now supporting the DLNA VidiPath Remote User Interface (RUI) guidelines.
Symantec is developing three security applications for the Windows 8 platform specifically: one that offers cloud-based security management, a second that white lists safe data and applications and a third that wraps the Internet Explorer 10 browser engine inside a secure casing, according to astory in Computerworld.
One would presume Google built this platform on Apple's WebKit-based browser engine, since those are the App Store terms stipulated by Apple.
BlackBerry 7 introduces a next generation BlackBerry browser which combines the dramatically improved performance of the advanced WebKit browser engine with the hardware enhancements in the new BlackBerry Curve 9360 smartphone to deliver a significantly faster, more fluid web browsing experience, said Saihgal.
The new OS features the next generation BlackBerry browser which combines the improved performance of the WebKit browser engine with the hardware enhancements in the new BlackBerry Curve 9360 smartphone, designed to deliver a faster, more fluid web browsing experience.
The improved performance of the WebKit browser engine, combined with the hardware enhancements found in the BlackBerry 7 based smartphones, delivers browsing results that are up to 40% faster than BlackBerry 6 based smartphones and up to 100% faster than BlackBerry 5 based smartphones.
"Some of these crashes showed evidence of memory corruption under certain circumstances and we presume that with enough effort at least some of these could be exploited to run arbitrary code," read the advisory dedicated to the browser engine issue.<p>The remaining two vulnerabilities , both rated "moderate" in Mozilla's four-step scoring system, were bugs that could be exploited in cross-site scripting attacks.<p>One of the cross-site scripting flaws was reported by a security researcher working for browser rival Microsoft, marking the second time in two days that Microsoft experts were credited with passing along vulnerability information to a competitor.