brush finish

brush finish, brushed finish

A finish produced by a rotating wire brush.
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Tenders are invited for Punched Washer A22 Stainless Steelas Per Is:2016-1967 A2-70 To Is:1367Part-14-1984 200Hv Brush Finish
This Grieve oven features 4" insulated walls, a Type 304, 2B finish stainless steel interior, stainless steel exterior with #4 brush finish, as well as a 24" wide, 1" x1" Type 304 stainless steel flat wire conveyor belt with 1/4-HP motor drive, variable speed from 0.
The dryer is insulated and sheathed with a 304 stainless steel seal-welded jacket polished to a brush finish.
PITTSBURGH -- Alcoa (NYSE:AA) announced today that its REYNOBOND(R) brush finish will be instrumental in the renovation of the historic Palavela in Turin, Italy as it is converted into an Olympic Stadium for the 2006 Winter Olympic Games.