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, Ger. Brüx, city (1991 pop. 70,670), NW Czech Republic, in Bohemia, near the German border. It is a railway junction and industrial city in a lignite-mining area. Chemicals, steel, and ceramics are the major products of Most.
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, Czech Republic.
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Table 1: Regions of chronic pain Regions of chronic N (%) pain Masseter/buccinator 57 (76) Temporalis 67 (89) Lower border of mandible 14 (18.5) TMJ region 9 (12) TMJ: Temporomandibular joint Table 2: Subjective distribution of symptoms Subjective symptom distribution Temporal headaches Jaw pain in the masseter area Jaw fatigue on chewing TMJ area pain and noises Night bruxing and night guards TMJ: Temporomandibular joint
Bruxing was not associated with age, sex or education level, but was more common in people who claimed to experience daily stress and trouble at work.
Technically, he does not engage in grinding or bruxing; he has a habit of pushing his mandible forward so that his mandibular (lower) teeth are anterior to the maxillary (top) teeth, then forcefully pulling his mandible back so that the lingual (back) surfaces of the mandibular incisors push up against the buccal (outside) surfaces of the maxillary incisors (Photo 3, page 32).
If bruxing is present, using a bruxing splint to stop the clenching may lead the patient to stop pressing the tongue.
It also treats underlying myofunctional habits, tongue thrust, and bruxing.
Wise believes that decreased bruxing with SSRI use may be dose-dependent.
The computer controlled data acquisition system collects and graphically displays information such as magnitude, duration, frequency and patterns of bruxing episodes while the patient sleeps.